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U1-2023-0043: Veedel Digital Eltern-Cafe: Digital Parenting Neighborhood Platform

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U1-2023-0043: Veedel Digital Eltern-Cafe: Digital Parenting Neighborhood Platform

Digitale Akzeptanz und Kompetenz der Stadtgesellschaft erhöhen

Dear Unbox Team,
I am currently a Web Science Master's student at TH Köln, working on my thesis focusing on digital neighborhood platforms in Germany. As a Cologne resident, and a parent raising a 3-year-old, I conceived the idea of creating a local digital parenting neighborhood platform (Digital Eltern-Café) to support parents like myself. I aim to contribute to the Cologne community's development through my academic research and practical product development.
1. Summary - I propose the creation of a local digital parenting platform that securely connects parents within the neighborhood and facilitates information exchange.
2. Background - When individuals become parents, their lifestyles change, and they often seek advice from those around them. As children grow, their information needs change, and parents look for peers with whom they can discuss shared topics and experiences.
3. Current Problems
- Scattered local information leading to a long search
- Balancing the desire for new connections with privacy and data concerns
4. Proposed Improvements
- Allow sign-ups only for verified local residents
- Provide tailored local information based on preferred interests
- Create efficient digital channels for local institutions, organizations, and child-related businesses
5. Key Features
- Local flea markets
- Local events calendar (personalized)
- Sharing parenting tips and experiences
- Seeking help from local residents (e.g., babysitters, cleaners, bakers)

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